Why Muslin

What is muslin?

Made with 100% cotton, muslin is a soft, gentle and versatile fabric. This openly-woven fabric allows the air to circulate through the fabric and reduces the risk of overheating while keeping the wearer snug and cozy, making it suitable for hot as well as cool climates.

History of muslin

Archaeologists believe that Muslin of the finest weave found from the excavated sites in India was produced during the Indus Valley Civilization about 5000 years ago. Though the first documented origination of this finely-woven fabric is from Dhaka (ancient India). For millennia, was considered one of the finest luxury textiles, and adorned by the royals and the nobles across the world. While the fineness of this fabric found favor in Victorian times as a draping material for clothing, it also gained popularity for multiple other uses including swaddling the newborns.

Why we chose muslin for babies?

As history says it all, muslin has been loved for innumerable generations. Our special muslin is the most gentle and soothing fabric to put against baby’s skin.

Breathable: open-weave reduce the risk of overheating while keeping baby warm and snug.

Durable: Strong fibers and lightweight makes for the softest and most durable fabric – ideal for everyday use.

Soft: With every wash, our muslin creates natural crinkles that make the fabric ultra soft. And the fabric only gets softer with each wash!

Why we chose ORGANIC muslin?

There is no doubt that muslin is the ideal fabric to be put against baby’s skin. However, our elevated awareness helped us to understand the seriousness of the toxic surroundings that impact us all. Our research led to scientific evidence that chemical and environmental hazards are a large contributor to the rapidly growing children health concerns. As Aura Weavers evolved, we chose to tackle the problems stemming from chemicals commonly found in non-organic cotton. Inspired by an organic lifestyle, we took a step forward in a right direction and combines the two best things for our little ones – ORGANIC + MUSLIN

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