Why Swaddle

Swaddling is the practice of wrapping a baby’s body securely in a generously-sized square blanket. The baby can be wrapped from the neck down or from under the arms down. Swaddling makes infants feel snug, warm, and safe, just like they felt in the womb.

Swaddling offers important benefits for baby and you.

  1. Helps sleep: Swaddled babies are less likely to be startled awake by their own movements (or Moro reflex), according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).
  2. Provides comfort: Lightweight, breathable muslin fabric surrounds baby in a secure womb-like environment without causing overheating.
  3. Develops sleep schedule: Swaddling signals bedtime, making it an important part of developing a sleep schedule. What’s more, research suggests swaddled infants stay longer in the REM sleep cycle, which is critical for healthy brain development.
  4. May reduce the risk of SIDS: Swaddled babies who sleep on their backs are less likely to have SIDS, according to research in The Journal of Pediatrics. Swaddling also keeps infants more comfortable when back sleeping, which is the positi on the  AAP recommends to reduce SIDS.
  5. Soothes colic : Snug wrapping makes colicky babies feel calmer and more secure.

Swaddling is more than a modern trend.
Archaeological records suggest that swaddling first developed around 4000 B.C. And, in perhaps the most famous example, The Bible describes the infant Jesus as being wrapped in swaddling cloth. From centuries, countless parents and health professionals from different regions and cultures have recognized the benefits of swaddling.

Swaddle baby with lightweight, breathable fabric, like muslin.
For safety, American Academy of Pediatrics recommends swaddling a baby in a lightweight fabric to reduce the risk of overheating. Experts also suggest using square, generously-sized blanket for secure and effective swaddling. Hence Aura Weavers has designed muslin swaddles…a perfect combination of safety, comfort and style, that helps creates a perfect swaddling experience for both baby and you…

Getting that perfect swaddle may take practice, but with Aura Weavers muslin blankets you might be surprised at how soon your newborn (and you!) will be sleeping (truly) like a baby.

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